Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And so it begins..

The forces of Supernova and Squishy have joined up only to butt heads! A true clash of the titans as we are forced to take sides in an all out fight to the finish. We will, however, need feedback from you, our faithful allies, as you help us duke it out and figure out the ruler of the world!!

Our first battle will be the circus vs the fair.

Squishy - I'm a circus lady all the way! Well, I don't work in the circus, but there's so much uniqueness that comes with it. Forget the fireworks and rides, and give me some cotton candy and trapeze! I dare you to stick your head in a lion's mouth!

Supernova - Unlike Squishy here, I'll take the fair any day. The circus smells weird and I hate clowns. The fair has rides, games, and funnel cake! The Tilt-A-Whirl and Ferris Wheel are so much fun and I love winning stuffed animals :)

Which one do you prefer?

Also, what would you like to see us argue?


  1. The ferris wheel is the scariest :P blog looks great so far, im in for this journey :D