Thursday, August 11, 2011

Round 2...FIGHT!!

Hi there! Squishy here, I know that our last battle wasn't as interesting as it could be, BUT THAT WAS JUST A WARM UP. Supernova and I were talking about lending out money, and we discovered that this is our next battle choice. Here's the question of the day:

When lending someone money would you rather have them borrow it, promising to give it back periodically, or just let them have it?

Squishy - Depending on the amount in question decides whether or not I'm even going to lend a jerk money (haha). Let's say 40 dollars is the amount. Now, usually I'm pretty generous, but it really irks me when someone asks for money, and then constantly promises to give it back. For example,  "Squishy I'm really sorry I don't have your money this week, I'll pay you when I get my next paycheck." This event occurs every two weeks for four months. By this point I'm so fed up that you have promised me my money and I know I'm never going to see it again, I'd be happier if you just told me "Squishy, you're never going to see your money again, I just can't afford it. I have bills to pay." All I'm trying to say is just ask me if you can have some money, and if you pay me back, that's great, but if not I'll just keep on moving.

Supernova - I don't lend people money much anyways since I rarely have the money to lend, but I don't really have a problem with it. I can't give out money all willy nilly, they need to at least promise to give it back.  Anyone that I like enough to lend money, I probably like enough to stay friends with them for a long time. I'm a patient person, I can wait until they can afford to pay me back, as long as I know I have it coming. If we have a falling out, though, I'm not afraid to get rough and come get my money. I'll be damned if some asshat is gonna get away with taking $20 from me! There's a saying, "As long as someone owes you, you'll never be broke."

So what do you think? Would you rather just give someone money or lend it out?


  1. Seeing as what happened last time I lent out money, I am not ever lending out money again >:I