Sunday, August 14, 2011

Round 5.....FIGHT!!!

Mmm...nothing makes me happier than a good ol' SAUCE...that's what today's discussion is about. Which do you prefer?! Marinara or Alfredo?

Squishy: When it comes to my delicious sauce of choice I choose marinara! I feel like since it's tomato-based usually I can add it to whatever I want with it still tasting delightful. Don't get me wrong alfredo is cool and everything, but I like my sauce of the hearty variety! Nom nom, time for sketti.

Supernova: I am all about the alfredo dude. It's so amazing and delicious and magical <3 Ask Squishy, I can make some damn good farfalle alfredo :D I have an insane love affair with all, I have acid reflux so tomato sauces never sit well with me. They taste good, but meh. Alfredo sauce is best sauce.

Which sauce do you prefer?

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